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3 Dec

Tips in Traveling

1. Book a Backpacker Hostel

Top of the list in Malacca travel tips is to book a backpacker hostel often referred as “bed & breakfast”. Melaka offers a range of hostels and inns extending from cheapest to most luxurious. They offer shared accommodation and private room as well. Here is a list of hostels that are recommended. The backpacker accommodation in Malacca is quite cheap and you can find a suitable accommodation in less then 30 RM or USD 10. The services are reasonable and basic facilities like bed, bathrooms, WiFi, breakfast and sitting areas are available.

  • Old Town Guesthouse (Around Bukit China) – Hostelworld rating 93% based on 79 reviews
  • Roof Top Guest House & Hostel Melaka (Jalan Kampong Pantai) – Hostelworld rating 88% based on 607 reviews
  • Apa Kaba Homestay (Kampong Banda Kaba) – Hostelworld rating 88% based on 209 reviews
  • River View Guesthouse and Hostel (North West of Christ Church Melaka) – Hostelworld rating 85% based on 902 reviews
  • Jalan-Jalan Besi (Near Melaka River) – Hostelworld rating 89% based on 338 reviews
  • Jalan-Jalan Emas (In Harmony Street) – Hostelworld rating 91% based on 427 reviews
  • Fernloft Melaka Heritage Hostel (Around Red Square) – Hostelworld rating 75% based on 79 reviews

You can book your choice of backpacker hostel from Hostelworld.

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2. Explore Heritage Places

Malacca is a place rich in history and for the same reason it is listed as UNESCO world heritage site. The recommended activity and travel tips in Malacca is to walk in the city and see some places without paying the entry fee. You would appreciate a walk by the historical Melaka River. It is so beautiful and entertaining and you will get many occasions to save in you cameras.

You can also observe historical mixed architecture of Malacca. There are museums that you should see from outside and Churches, Temples and Mosques to visit in Melaka. They do not cost you a penny. The Stadthuys Melaka & Christ Church Melaka are in the city center and within walking distance from many backpacker hostels.

The St. Paul’s Hill Melaka offers great and priceless view of the city. While visiting the hill you can also see A Famosa Fort which was built in 16th century by Portuguese. St Paul Church is also within the walking distance of the fort.

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3. Take a Walk in the Jonker Street

Another recommended Malacca travel tips as a backpacker is to visit the famous Jonker Street and stroll by the stalls, window-shop artifacts and craft items. The place offers so many things to eat, shop and see. There are gift shops, artifact shops and much more. People come to this place and have few of their most favorite meals. Night life in Jonker Street is very colorful. Entertainment and fun stalls are operated here especially on weekends.

Jonker Street is so famous among tourist that tourism authorities in Malacca had developed an activity by the name of Jonker Walk.

4. Try Popular Melaka Coconut Shake

The coconut shake is a specialty of Melaka. It is a cold drink with coconut milk, ice cream, milk and crushed ice. You will love to have a glass of coconut shake several times during a sunny day in Melaka. The coconut shakes costs not more than 2RM but excite your taste buds beyond description.

5. Take a Ride in the River Cruise

Another must-try activity for tourist and backpackers is to take a River Cruise journey in Malacca any time between operational hours of 9 a.m. to 11:30 pm. You will admire the natural beauty and the human value-addition in the scenery of the city. This 30 to 45 minutes ride is full of pleasure and amusement for tourists. In just 15 RM (adults) or 7 RM (child), you will be able to enjoy one of the best things that Melaka has to offer. It is like a 30 minutes history lesson and to ride a river which was once center of trade. Another recommended travel tips if you are a history student or admirer.

6. Take a Bus Ride

Although there is an airport in the city located in Batu Berendam, Malacca, as a backpacker, you might prefer to travel by bus. It is not only inexpensive but you will also get to see a lot of places on your way. So, you can book a bus ticket online and plan a bus trip from Singapore to Malacca travel. A road trip to Melaka will not cost you more than USD25. However, you must book ticket in advance since there is congestion during tourism seasons of New Year and summers. The buses depart to Melaka from 9 AM to 09:30pm. The Melaka Sentral Bus terminal is most popular among the backpackers traveling to Melaka from Singapore.

You can also consider taking a bus ride if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur as there are plenty of bus services operate from KL to Melaka.

7. Trishaw Tour

In Melaka, local transport is not very popular. Good news: Most of the worth visiting places are located in the form of clusters. You can for example, walk from Heeren Heritage Street Melaka to the Melaka River Cruise in just five minutes. However, some places need you to take a ride or when you are feeling a bit tired after walking. Taxi and Trishaws are the wheeled-options in such scenarios. You can rent a tremendously decorated trishaw in just RM 40.00 per hour. Another Malacca travel tips worth exploring for backpackers.

8. Turn off Data Roaming

The local citizens as well as the businesses facilitate the visitors in Malacca. With many other things, Wi-Fi is also free to use in hostels, cafe’s and restaurants. So, get rid of your expensive data roaming during your trip to Melaka and enjoy free web surfing, Google Map locations, and upload your pictures on social media instantly.

9. Take Photos and Make Note

Recording memories is a ‘must to do’ task during your trip to Malacca. Take a camera, smart phone, a diary, and anything that will help you record the memories of the place in words and images. You will not be able to record one of the best memories of Melaka in your camera (i.e. food); your taste buds will do the job. Enjoy and observe things as you would write about it later in your blogs, too.

10. Eat Less, Travel More

The journey one takes to travel Malacca can go a waste if one keeps sleeping most of the time. You are suggested to eat less, sleep less and travel more. Healthy eating will allow you to remain light and fresh while over eating may be followed by extra hours of nap. So, in order to make most out of it, you are suggested to sleep and eat less and remain active.

I hope you will find Malacca travel tips article quite handy. If you want to suggest any activity then please do so by adding comments below. Have a safe trip to Malacca :)

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